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ST2 Note Acceptor

Stackerless note acceptor designed for the global market, utilising proprietary Sense Technology to validate notes up to 85mm wide.  Designed for ease of servicing with easily detachable top and bottom sensor assemblies, ST2 allows operators a peace of mind with optical and mechanical security gates to ensure protection against tampering and stringing.  Using a USB drive, ST2 is easily programmable for all global currencies with memory for up to 32 notes.  Notes can be inserted in all four orientations via the blue illuminated note guide.

Designed and detailed from concept, through prototyping, to production. Designed as a new generation of a GBA Note Acceptor to utilise the newly developed note acceptance algorithms. Designed to be retro-fittable to the previous generation. Modular design for simpler field maintenance with easy access and removal from the various faceplate options. LED Illuminated note guide designed to diffuse light and provide even illumination. Motor sized to match requirements, gear train designed and detailed including involute curves directly used to EDM the cavities. Solenoid sourced and gate mechanism cam and lifting linkages designed and detailed. Suggested production fixtures and process improvements to bring about a quality and easily manufacturable product. It has become the flagship product for the company.

Solidworks & Prototype


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