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ST1C Note Stacker

The ST1C is a note or bill acceptor with a stacker mechanism and note cassette (bill box) designed for compact applications that require minimal height clearance in either an upward or downwards note stacking orientation.  It is a global product, using proprietary Sense Technology note validation platform, with a secure note cassette and easily removable lower sensor module that allows access to the note path for easy maintenance.

Designed and detailed from concept through to manufacture.  As a lead Design Engineer on the project, I successfully collaborated with Engineers from our China factory to bring about a shortened development schedule than what has been previously established as the norm.


Project segmented into various blocks that I modeled by starting from main functional requirements and closely working with the marketing manager to make sure that the market requirements were met.  Overseeing the mechanical design of the project included approving various design details suggested by the team and taking the lead to suggest main design solutions.  Used previous ST2 knowledge of production and field issues to suggest build and design solutions that resulted in a cost effective and a quality product with a patented mechanical note security device.



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