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CX Coin Changer

The CX high speed 5 tube coin changer accepts and dispenses 5 coin denominations at up to 6 coins per second. Initial development included evaluation of competing products and development of a product to satisfy a highly competitive, niche market.  Minimising the number of solenoids, dual path quad solenoid gating arrangement allows 7 or more seperate paths depending on the tube requirement.

(Commonly arranged with 5x dispenser tubes, 1x secure cashbox path and 1x return). Utilising an iterative design process to optimise the transition of coins through various paths, maximise reliability and minimise the number of coin jams.  The path and gate geometry was studied in detail, tested and optimised using rapid prototyping and high speed camera studies.


H2S High Speed Separator

The H2S high speed 4 way coin separator is paired with the QL, the industry standard in high speed coin validation at up to 10 coins per second. Development consisted of appropriate solenoid selection to maximise the flux density and operate the gates within 20ms. Gate geometry optimisation and analysis using a high speed video camera and careful part and mould design to produce a reliable high speed separator for the European market.

SP Validator & Accessories

Implemented various ongoing improvements to the SP Short profile coin validator, as required based on customer feedback as well as production feedback.  Improvement of product function and part tuning.  Keeping the product quality by making sure that second-source components do not alter the function.  Designed various additional accesories from concept to production including retro-fittable illuminated faceplates, as well as communication interface modules.

QL Validator & Accessories

Being the flagship product in the Microcoin range, various maintenance and production issues and design improvements implemented to prolong the product life and reduce field and production issues.  Designed various faceplates and accessories while taking care to understand how proposed changes would impact the product.  

QL Illuminated Faceplate Turntable

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